The problem of fleas that refuse to go away can be, or rather, is one of the most traumatic events in a cat’s life. It is not so much a case of where the cat has been the problem of infestation could be right center in your own home. After taking your cat in for specialized flea control programs, you should give your home a thorough housekeeping inspection and do whatever is necessary to reduce all dust particles and, preferably with the aid of a pest control expert, eradicate the fleas.

Well looked after cats can live good, long lives. But they will also age. And at a much younger age, if they are allowed to roam under controlled circumstances, they too, can be prone to accidents. And there are any number of illnesses and injuries that the specialist veterinary practitioner may insist can only be treated with surgery. Just engaging the animal for such procedures can be yet another traumatic episode in the cat’s life.

cat anesthesia

Fortunately, it does not have to go too far when specialized cat anesthesia treatment is available. Good, cat friendly treatment and care is always possible from dedicated handlers who are longstanding members of the American Animal Hospital Association. These handlers are also firm members of the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice. Cats are a special breed and, indeed, they do need special treatment and care.

Only folks who love cats would understand. A cat hospital is equipped to provide the animals with diagnostic and therapy requirements fully commensurate to the feline species’ health conditions. And if you have taken your kitten for an early and first inspection, with advised care on your part, it may never need surgery in later years.

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